Electric voltage regulator

TEDGZ, TESGZ series single, three-phase high-power column type electric voltage regulator, is our company combined with the market demand to develop design, production of high-power column type voltage regulator new products, to meet the needs of the majority of users.The column type electric voltage regulator has no distortion of the output voltage waveform. The column type electric voltage regulator adopts electric operating mechanism, which can operate in a closed loop at a long distance and reduce the operating labor intensity.The output voltage can be adjusted from zero voltage, the instantaneous overload capacity is strong, the no-load current, the no-load loss is small, the efficiency is high, the noise is small, the life is long.Suitable for all kinds of inductive, capacitive, resistance load use and other characteristics.Application: it can be widely used in scientific research, communication, test equipment, lighting regulation and rectifying equipment, etc.