Inductive voltage regulator

First, product features and uses: TDA TSA high-pressure large-capacity induction voltage regulator is developed for the adjustment of national industrial structure and adapts to the market demand of large-scale, industrialized and intensive large-scale production. The product has large capacity, low loss and high efficiency. The voltage regulation waveform is good, the voltage regulation range is large, the contactless voltage regulation, and the long-term reliable operation. No need to go through the distribution of electrical equipment, Direct high voltage input, high voltage output. The project capital investment, self-consumption and installation operation are greatly reduced. Especially suitable for today's high-speed and convenient information age. Extensive Used in large-scale motors, water pump testing, glass manufacturing, chemical systems, rectifier equipment, plastic machinery, railway signals, electric furnaces, textile printing and dyeing, national defense engineering research and other fields. It is an ideal large-scale AC power supply for voltage regulation, temperature regulation, speed regulation, power adjustment and dimming. Second, ordering instructions (please provide the following technical parameters) Product model and name Rated capacity (kVA) Phase  Frequency (Hz) Rated input voltage (V) Rated voltage range (V) Rated output current (A) Number of units required TsjA oil immersed self-cooling induction regulator Three-phase 380V/0~380(420)V, 380V/0~500V and other non-standard specifications can be manufactured according to user requirements.