K11 K13 K20 isolation transformer

product manual: K11 K13 K20 isolating transformer, which is produced by Meitian Company for many years using high-quality materials and advanced technology. It has the advantages of moisture-proof and easy maintenance. The center can be used for power transmission and distribution sites such as subways, high-rise buildings, airports, stations, terminals, enterprises and tunnels. K11 K13 K20 isolation transformer, mainly used for various input and output voltages and connection groups of various power supply places and products with AC 50-60Hz and voltage not exceeding 500V The distribution of the capacity of the tap and the wire group can be carefully designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the user. Typical application of K11 K13 K20 isolation transformer installed in regulated power supply 1. Connect the K11 K13 K20 isolation transformer (triangle/star) to the power input. 1. If the third harmonic and interference signal of the power grid is serious, the △/Yo isolation transformer can be used to remove the third harmonic and reduce the interference signal. 2. The △/Yo isolation transformer can be used to generate a new neutral line, so that the equipment has nothing to do with the neutral line of the power grid, and avoid equipment caused by poor neutral line of the power grid. Not working properly. 3. Current waveform distortion caused by non-linear loads (such as third harmonic) can be isolated without polluting the grid. Second, connect the isolation transformer (star / triangle) at the output of the power supply 1. Prevent the current distortion of the non-linear load, affect the normal operation of the regulated power supply and return to the power grid to play the role of purifying the power grid. 2. The distortion of the nonlinear load current affects the accuracy of the sampling. It can be sampled at the input end of the Yo/△ isolation transformer to obtain the control that can reflect the actual situation. The signal makes the regulated power supply control normal. 3. If the load is unbalanced, the use of Yo/△ does not affect the normal operation of the regulated power supply. Third, technical indicators 1 Input rated voltage: three-phase 380V or single-phase 220V 2 Working frequency: 50Hz-60Hz 3 Efficiency: ≥98% 4 temperature rise: <85 ° C 5 waveform distortion: <0.1% 6 Insulation strength: 3000V, no breakdown for 1 minute 7 Insulation resistance: winding resistance to ground insulation Three-phase ≥3.8M Omega; Single-phase ≥2.2M Omega Fourth, the conditions of use 1 Applicable altitude: ≤5000m 2 Ambient temperature: -15 ° C ~ +40 ° C 3 Relative humidity: ≤85% 4 The installation site should have no gas, steam, chemical deposits, dirt, conductive dust, which is seriously affecting the insulation strength of the regulator. No other explosive, flammable or corrosive. Substance. 5 Anyone who does not meet the above conditions of use shall be determined by negotiation with us.

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