Isolation transformers are used in medical applications with high efficiency and low noise

product manual: Isolation transformer Using the isolation transformer to establish a new neutral-grounding can relieve the common mode interference in the power grid and other mid-line problems. The isolation transformer converts the three-wire △ wiring into a four-wire Yo system, plus shielding Further eliminating the high-frequency pulse interference and noise coupled inside the transformer, although the shielded isolation transformer can interfere with various N-Gs (pulse and high-frequency noise) The effect is prevented, but the transformer must be properly and properly grounded, which is very strict, otherwise the anti-common mode interference will have no effect. The company designs and produces high quality isolation transformers for customers.   Features advantages: 1.Highly isolated 2.N-G performance is good 3.High common mode interference suppression 4.Convert △ to Y or Y to △ 5.Voltage taps are easy to convert 6.Designed according to the user's special performance requirements application: 1.Installed on the input or output of the regulated power supply 2.Any system that needs to be isolated and shielded Typical application of isolation transformers installed in regulated power supplies 1. Connect the isolation transformer (triangle/star) at the input of the power supply. 1. If the third harmonic and interference signal of the power grid is serious, the △/Yo isolation transformer can be used to remove the third harmonic and reduce the interference signal. 2. The △/Yo isolation transformer can be used to generate a new neutral line, so that the equipment has nothing to do with the neutral line of the power grid, and avoid the equipment running abnormally due to the bad neutral line of the power grid. 3. Current waveform distortion caused by non-linear loads (such as third harmonic) can be isolated without polluting the grid. Second, connect the isolation transformer (star / triangle) at the output of the power supply 1. Prevent the current distortion of the non-linear load, affect the normal operation of the regulated power supply and return to the power grid to play the role of purifying the power grid. 2. The distortion of the nonlinear load current affects the sampling accuracy. It can be sampled at the input end of the Yo/△ isolation transformer to obtain a control signal that can reflect the actual situation, so that the regulated power supply The control is normal. 3. If the load is unbalanced, the use of Yo/△ does not affect the normal operation of the regulated power supply. Third, technical indicators 1 Input rated voltage: three-phase 380V or single-phase 220V 2 Working frequency: 50Hz-60Hz 3 Efficiency: ≥98% 4 temperature rise: <85 ° C 5 waveform distortion: <0.1% 6 Insulation strength: 3000V, no breakdown for 1 minute 7 Insulation resistance: winding resistance to ground insulation Three-phase ≥3.8M Omega; Single-phase ≥2.2M Omega Fourth, the conditions of use 1 Applicable altitude: ≤5000m 2 Ambient temperature: -15 ° C ~ +40 ° C 3 Relative humidity: ≤85% 4 The installation site should have no gas, steam, chemical deposits, dirt, or conductive dust that seriously affects the insulation strength of the regulator. There are no other explosive, flammable and corrosive substances. 5 Anyone who does not meet the above conditions of use shall be determined by negotiation with us. Five Transformers - Dimensions (MTDG, MTSG single three-phase dry type transformer)
model(KVA) Dimensions Length × width × height (cm) Installation size(cm) Shell size Length × width × height (cm) Transformer weight(kg)
MTSG-10 42×21×42 135×310 70×35×77 90
MTSG-20 52×24×52 155×400 70×35×77 180
MTSG-30 55×28×65 165×400 80×40×87 220
MTSG-40 61×30×65 170×400 80×40×87 265
MTSG-50 61×30×65 175×400 100×50×104.5 295
MTSG-60 70×32×66 190×450 100×50×104.5 370
MTSG-70 70×32×66 190×450 100×50×104.5 400
MTSG-80 70×35×67 195×450 100×50×104.5 450
MTSG-100 75×35×68 210×450 100×50×104.5 490
MTSG-120 75×35×68 215×450 100×50×104.5 520
MTSG-150 85×37×68 230×450 120×65×114.5 650
MTSG-200 95×45×68 290×450 120×65×114.5 850
MTSG-250 95×45×83 290×450 120×70×124.5 1080
MTSG-300 105×45×95 290×450 120×70×124.5 1350
Sixth, three-phase isolation transformer winding connection

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