Three-phase isolation transformer

product descriptio MTES7100 T1 series medical IT isolation transformer adopts the current advanced ATW automatic transformer production line. Meitian Company is one of the manufacturers who have qualified medical transformer manufacturing technology at present; it maintains a very high finished product quality. A variety of strict manufacturing processes and quality processes ensure conversion efficiency, no vibration and no noise, low operating temperature, physical harmonic shielding layer design, FCC electromagnetic radiation certification, and can directly supply power to medical sites without treatment.
Use MTES710000.T1 medical IT isolation transformer is an important part of medical IT isolation power supply, and bears the responsibility of converting utility power into isolated power. Compared with the ordinary mains power supply, the power supply converted by the medical IT isolation transformer will not cause the risk of electric shock to the ground. When the resistance to ground is too small (called leakage in the mains), no leakage protection will occur and the power supply will be interrupted. To ensure the safety and continuity of power supply.
Performance requirements Medical IT isolation transformers should meet the requirements of long-term stable operation under rated power. In order to meet the special requirements of medical places, high requirements are imposed on operational safety and production process. The transformer itself should be free of noise, using oriented silicon steel sheets and High temperature resistant material is wound, it will not be damaged during long time overload operation, and the iron loss is extremely low. In order to prevent static electricity and electromagnetic and harmonic interference with medical equipment, it is necessary to strictly carry out the copper shielding treatment between the daytime, the transformer itself and the fixing device and The attachment is physically isolated. Ordering data
Model specification Design capacity Reference power Order number No-load current
MTES7100-3150 3150VA 2500W 100315000 I0  3%
MTES7100-3150 3150VA 800W*3 100315003 I0  3%
MTES7100-4000 4000VA 3000W 100400000 I0  3%
MTES7100-5000 4000VA 4000W 100500000 I0  3%
MTES7100-5000 5000VA 4001W 100500003 I0  3%
MTES7100-6300 6300VA 4002W 100630000 I0  3%
MTES7100-6300 6300VA 4003W 100800000 I0  3%
MTES7100-8000 8000VA 4004W 100800003 I0  3%
MTES7100-8000 8000VA 4005W 101000000 I0  3%
MTES7100-10000 8000VA 4006W 101000003 I0  3%
MTES7100-10000 10000VA 4007W 101000000 I0  3%

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