Three-phase servo transformer

Overview: This product is an ultra-small three-phase servo transformer designed by Meitian Company for the voltage mismatch between China Power Grid and AC servo motor. It has changed the problem of heavy, heat, power consumption and difficult installation of the conventional coil type transformer; it does not cause pollution to the power grid. It is an ideal product for solving power adapter problems in industrial control systems. It is fundamentally different from power frequency transformers. There is a qualitative leap in performance. According to China's current market, China basically imports imported servo motors from Japan, Europe and the United States. Since the imported servo motor does not match the Chinese power grid (domestic industrial power is 3φ380V, and the imported servo motor is 3φ200V), In order to make the servo system operate normally and stably, a 380V to 200V three-phase transformer must be matched in the middle for voltage conversion. This product uses cutting-edge microwave devices, three-phase full-bridge switching resonance technology, SPWM modulation technology to completely eliminate EMI interference. Widely used in all imported and domestic servo systems such as the following brands; the capacity of the transformer can be from 0.5KVA to 80KVA , to meet the matching of all servo motor voltage. Features: Intelligent, automatically adjust the current required by the servo system, the output current is not affected by the grid voltage fluctuations, so that the servo motor can play better performance; Safe and reliable, the quality of the product itself is replaced for three years, maintenance-free, and the service life is more than 20 years; Small size, light weight, low price, 5 times overload capacity, can work continuously for a long time; Withstand harsh environments: ambient air temperature -30 ° C to +60 ° C, installation altitude of up to 4500 m; Superior performance, high efficiency (), high voltage regulation, no interference, no heat, low power consumption, more stable output energy; Application range: More than 20 automation equipment industries such as CNC machine tools, testing machines, winding machines, teaching machines, packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment, and automated production lines.