UPS power supply

Product introduction (UPS-HBG high frequency online uninterruptible power supply) The new generation of intelligent online UPS-HBG series developed by the company. The computing power is powerful, it can detect accurately and quickly, control the action points of the UPS, and ensure the high reliability of the product. A unique AC-DC conversion circuit is used to detect the output current and output voltage of the mains. The high-frequency pulse width modulator is used to make the current waveform of the input power supply and the voltage waveform phase coincide to achieve a high input power factor greater than 95%. . Under normal conditions, the mains supply DCBUS DC voltage through the AC-DC circuit, and then convert the DC BUS to 220V AC output through the inverter. The power supply used by all the loads is regulated and stabilized to filter out the purity of the noise. Sine wave power supply. Using excellent IGBT as power conversion component, due to the high-frequency switching characteristics of IBGT, the operating frequency of UPS inverter can reach tens of thousands of Hertz, the operating efficiency of the inverter is improved, and the efficiency of the UPS is improved, and the inverter frequency is improved. It also reduces the noise of the inverter, so that the HBG series UPS placed directly in the computer room will not affect your work. Hongbao online high-frequency HBG series UPS through the RS232 communication interface with Hongbao power monitoring software, the UPS and the network server are connected to provide power status at any time; and achieve timed self-test, automatic save, automatic time switch machine and record power status Such as intelligent functions, to achieve human-machine communication zero distance. When the utility power is interrupted, the UPS informs the server to start preparing for shutdown, and automatically saves all the data and executes the normal shutdown command. Even in the unmanned network environment, the data security of the network system can be guaranteed. Product performance (UPS-HBG high frequency online uninterruptible power supply) Microcomputer Control The powerful MOTOROLA microprocessor replaces the complicated hardware circuit with innovative software program control. It is not only small in size but also light in weight, which can reduce the failure rate of the UPS. RS232 communication interface Through RS232 digital communication port, with Hongbao monitoring software (optional), you can directly use the computer to achieve zero distance between man and machine. Long-term power supply A powerful charger can be used to increase the battery according to the user's needs and extend the standby time. It is especially suitable for use in areas with insufficient power for a long time. Centralized control panel The control panel is clear at a glance. It can clearly display the UPS operating status, load status, and battery power status on the panel, and keep abreast of changes in UPS power consumption and application environment. The compact touch button makes operation easier and can be turned on and off with a single push. Flexible panel structure Two panel structures are produced for users of different hobbies. Auto-detection When the power is turned on, the UPS starts self-test of components (inverters, batteries, etc.) and loads, so that problems can be detected in time to avoid any loss. Can be used with generators to use a wide input voltage and frequency range, HBG series UPS can be used with the main brand generators, the use time is extended, and the bad power generated by the generator is effectively removed, providing pure, safe, and load for the load. Stable power supply. Load short circuit protection HBG series UPS has output short circuit detection. When the load is short circuited, the UPS will automatically protect to the off state, and the panel indicator will remind the user and accompany the alarm sound. Self-protection With a very well-designed self-protection design, the UPS will automatically shut down regardless of UPS overload, short circuit, low battery voltage or too high UPS temperature. Silencer The thoughtful alarm silencer eliminates annoying alarm sounds. DC power-on Unique DC (DC) power-on, giving full play to the UPS emergency backup function. Sine wave output Whether it is the mains state or the battery state, it outputs a pure sine wave power supply with regulated voltage and low frequency distortion. Provides optimal power protection for load devices. Zero conversion time When the utility power is cut off or re-powered, the UPS has zero conversion time between the mains mode and the battery mode. TVSS function and lightning protection means TRANSENT VOLTAGE SURGE SUPPRESS breakthrough voltage protection. Use FAX, TELEPHONE, MODEM, network and other conversion protection functions. Dual-system hot backup When the user's important load device is absolutely forbidden to be powered off, the model with a capacity of more than 6KVA can fully support the dual-system hot backup function. Users can use two UPSs for primary backup. When one of them fails, one of them will fail. The other is responsible for power supply. Even in the event of a UPS failure, users can still use a clean, safe and stable power supply to minimize the risk of power outages. Bypass protection When the bypass power supply is used, the UPS's emergency handling capability is greatly enhanced. If the user's load equipment is dangerous when the voltage is high, the HBG series can provide bypass power supply voltage protection to protect the safety of the load equipment. Auto start function When the mains is abnormal, it enters the battery mode power supply until the battery status is turned off. After the utility power returns to normal, the HBG series UPS will start up and start the power supply normally, without the need for the user to boot one by one. Long-lasting machine powerful charging capacity In addition to long discharge time, the HBG series UPS long-term machine has a strong battery recharging capability and can provide 5-10A as the initial charging current. Self-checking function The HBG series UPS can simulate power-off and enter the battery mode. This function can be performed at any time through the self-test button on the panel, or with the Hongbao monitoring software, on a scheduled or irregular basis. Strong anti-jamming For electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, HBG series UPS is designed according to the international standard EN50091-3IE6100-4 series standard, which effectively improves the safety and reliability of UPS use. Inductive load can be connected HBG series UPS connected to inductive load (PF=0.8) POWER MANAGER2002 monitoring software (optional) In order to make the user more convenient and effective for UPS management, POWER MANAGER network version monitoring software can be equipped to realize intelligent management. With INTELLIGENT SLOT smart slot (optional) HBG series UPS is equipped with an INTELLIGENT SLOT smart slot, optional intelligent monitoring card, global management through INTERNET Internet, or centralized monitoring and remote monitoring through SNMP network management . Superior overload capability BG 6K, 10K UPS when you use a load greater than 100% <130%, 10 minutes from the inverter The status goes to the bypass state, and there is an audible and visual alarm, so that you have enough time to adjust your load device. In actual use, it is more Convenience. After the model is added S, it is a long-lasting model, and the battery has an external battery box.
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